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Institute of Audit

Objectivity and independence our opinion -  pledge your competence and success!

The main purpose - methodological, scientific and organizational support comprehensive development of audit in Ukraine.

Оur activity:

1. Working

 - Evidence-based guidelines, draft standards and regulations on auditing and accounting;

- Software accounting and auditing;

 - - Offers the solution of problems in auditing;

2. Review

 - - Research papers, teaching materials, documents of audit, accounting, economic analysis and control;

3. Granting

 -  Independent expert opinions on issues of financial and economic activities and conflicts arising during the audit;

4. Organization

 -  Research on Auditing and their implementation in practice;

5. Carrying out

 - Scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, discussion of collective action problems of auditing;

 6. Publication

 - Pcientific collections, monographs, textbooks;


 - professional auditors, accountants and other professionals allied professions;